How To Use Cloth Nappies

Laura Davies from the Nappy Gurus gives her guide to using cloth nappies.

How you cloth nappy is up to you.

You can use nappies of all the same type and brand if you wish, or you can have a stash made up of lots of different types.

You can use cloth nappies full-time, or part-time – remember even if you change just one cloth nappy a day, that is one less disposable nappy in the landfill.

Our best advice is to pick up a starter pack from The Nappy Gurus and get started on your cloth nappy journey today.

You won’t look back and we are here to support you!

What you will need


You will need somewhere between 15-25 nappies, depending on the age of your baby. You can always add more nappies to your stash as you go if you are running out between washes, so perhaps start with 15 and go from there.

Home storage

Most people prefer a hanging wet bag over a nappy bucket these days. But either do the job! You just need something large enough to store your wet nappies until wash day.

Out & About Storage

A waterproof nappy bag can be carried with you to store your wet nappies until you get home.

Disposable Liners

These are optional, but can be useful, especially when you reach weaning age. They simply lay inside your nappies to catch solids, and can then be popped in the bin.

Laura Davies is founder of the Nappy Gurus
Laura Davies is founder of the Nappy Gurus


These are little absorbent pads that can be used inside your nappies to give them a ‘boost’ of absorbency when you need it. These are useful to have around and those made of bamboo or hemp fibre will provide the best absorbency.

How to care for your nappies

  • Dispose of liner (if one is used)
  • Store in your bucket or hanging pail until wash day. No need to soak
  • Run a cold rinse cycle
  • Wash warm (40° or 60°) with non-bio detergent and no fabric softeners
  • Run an extra rinse if you feel it needs it
  • Line dry or tumble dry low

Which nappy system should I use?

Want something quick drying?

Choose a Pocket nappy, or an All-in-Two nappy. These nappies have absorbent parts that detach from the outer cover, making drying quick & easy. Microfibre absorbency will dry the fastest and will stay soft even without a tumble drier.

Want something easy peasy?

Choose an All-in-One nappy. These nappies most closely resemble a disposable nappy, particularly if they have hook & loop (velcro) fastenings at the waist. There are no loose ‘bits’ to fit together or misplace, and childcare providers will find these the most easy to use.

Want something absorbent enough for night-time?

Choose a Fitted nappy. This just means a nappy where the whole thing is absorbent, and this nappy requires a separate waterproof cover. The two-parts provide excellent containment and maximum absorbency, so can be worn for longer periods such as overnight



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