What do your kid’s shoes say about YOU?

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Great parent that I am, I realised a month or so too late that Lars was due his next pair of shoes. Oops. Sorry boy.

It’s a stressful decision though, the child’s next shoes. Their shoe style says a lot about you, whether you’re the type to spend days researching exactly what your beloved should be wearing or just pick up a pair of Crocs as you pass.

As I see it, there are two types of kid shoe:  practical and ugly (but you can be sure these are VERY supportive and great for development) and fun but unpractical: Converse, Superga, high tops, Mary Janes, loafers, ballet pumps, moccasins…all so cute and so small.

So what do your kid’s shoes say about YOU?

ps: I’ve also included a pic of Lars in his new shoes.



You probably have a pair yourself.  You have a classic touch and are a follower of general trends; this brand fits with your ethos. You’re not sure if the ginormous white sole is actually that flattering on you but on a kid it’s great. You buy them in pink or blue.




“Aaaaah” you think when you first buy these for your little one. So sweet! You then slowly realize that half the kid population owns a pair. Oh. Not so original after all. Sob. And those laces do your head in.You have a tendency to buy on a whim. You might even, shock horror, have bought your kid some flashing light trainers.




Every kid wears Crocs so yours does too. It’s so cool that you can put them in the dishwasher. Really amazing. You ignore the fact that these shoes are as ugly as sin. You don’t think too much about how your child looks –they’re a child. It’s wonderful for them to be able to slip on their own shoes. You’re more focussed on the important things in life such as getting your child into the best local school.


Boat shoes/ballet pump



Your little boy wears exactly what you wish your husband would wear (but he never does). Your little girls looks like you SHOULD have looked at her age (but your mother messed up). Preppy, effortless, fresh and cute…ready to start their MBA. You think about your image a lot, maybe too much. You live in your own world and are quite happy there. Seeing ugly kids shoes makes you depressed.




You are cool, you want your kid to be cool and comfortable. Your girl wears the same grey/black style as her brother. You are a follower of Vans, you preach Vans. You are a little concerned that they weigh the same as a new born baby…but still, they are slip ons…you preach vans, you’re sticking with your story.


Salt Water sandals


You bought these with overwhelming excitement when you found out they were for land AND sea and looked like something your mother might have put you in (if she’d had any sense). You have a touch of the old school in you. You think carefully about your child’s attire but yore also practical and this usually wins through.





The sheer beauty of these shoes brought tears to your eyes. You shoved them on your baby and waited for the compliments. You then realized they suck, they fall off and it’s painful to watch a child wearing very expensive slippers in a muddy wet playground. Anxious making.




Lightweight trainers: what could be more comfy and bouncy for your child?  You have a pair with neon bits on them and you live in them, literally. You rock the sporty Lulu Lemon/Sweaty Betty look all day, everyday, in full make up. Life is like a gym class; you need to keep up.


Lars wears stretch Gap Jeans, Burberry coat, Janie and Jack boat shoes and hat.

Lars wears stretch Gap Jeans, Burberry coat and his NEW Janie and Jack boat shoes


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