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Hard to believe we’ve all been in lockdown for three weeks now, or is it longer?

What a strange time this is for everyone, at times unreal and other times far too real.

At the start of being homebound my first thought was what could I do to help to continue to support families in their homes?

It was term time then and my heart went out to working parents, how on earth were they supposed to try and juggle so many balls and stay sane at the same time, I wondered?

With a small following on Instagram a spark of an idea announced itself.

Perhaps now is the very time to be brave and face myself on the little screen by giving some short live video sessions for children?

This idea blossomed and has grown into twice-weekly get-togethers on Instagram live video on Mondays and Fridays at 4pm @simplefamilyconnection

The sessions focus on helping the children to process and grow through what we are all going through and what better way to do this than by getting creatively connected?

The easy, fun activities encourage the children to think about their feelings and the feelings of others too.

Using simple materials that are easy to find at home we get busy together in this short session making and creating.

The first activity was making Positive Pasta Pots.

The aim with these is to help parents to encourage their children to actually want to be helpful. Rewarding children with pieces of pasta and filling their pots for doing the right thing has the power to change family dialogue so that the children are falling over themselves to be more considerate and kind.

Then came Worry Doll making as a way to encourage children to talk and express the way they are feeling.

It is completely understandable that everyone’s feeling a little worried right now, so having a small hand made doll to tell your worries to before you go to sleep is one useful way to make things a tiny bit better.

Next came letter writing to those people we miss and love.

During this session we focused on empathy and thinking of the people we can’t see or spend our time with just at the moment.

When we did this we were developing empathy trying to put ourselves into other people’s shoes and think about what this time must feel like for them. Posting the letters was also a part of this process.

I had a message this morning from one mother who said her son is now writing to her father, his grandfather on a weekly basis. This makes them all very happy, me included!

Since then we’ve made Easter/spring trees with fallen twigs and decorated them with pretty paper eggs. We wrote grateful messages on the back of the eggs thinking of all the things we have to be thankful for. Gratitude is a game changer.

Yesterday we started the process of growing an avocado tree to plant in the earth when this is over. We were thinking about giving back to the planet and keeping the air clean.  We will be keeping an eye on our little trees over the next few weeks.

Next up will be Friday at 4pm when we will be mindfully breathing with the help of a rainbow and then we’ll be getting to know ourselves better with collage making (save your magazines) next Monday again at 4pm.

There is a lot more to come, so join with the children for this fun, most definitely light-hearted and not to be missed distraction to your Monday and Friday activities!

Lulu x

You can catch up with all the past sessions in the highlights @simplefamilyconnection




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