How I make it work: Lisa Redman

Designer Lisa Redman creates couture dresses, coats and skirts from her West London studio, as well as wedding dresses and full length embellished gowns. She has a son, Joseph, three.

How do you manage to juggle your business and bringing up your little boy?

I have help! I have a nanny who looks after Joseph when necessary and now he is a little older he goes to nursery. My husband works shifts which is great as he can take care of him during the week too. When Joseph was born I carried on working and took him to with me. Thankfully I have very understanding clients who didn’t mind having him there at fittings and appointments! I think this has made him quite relaxed with new people which can only be a good thing.

Any tips for other working mothers?

Make sure you are totally comfortable with your nanny! It’s hopeless if you’re not. It’s a good idea to have a time where you are shadowing alongside her to ensure a smooth transition. It’s an added bonus if he/ she is also prepared to help out around the house to ease the domestic workload but it’s not always easy to find someone like that.


How much time do you get to focus on your own wardrobe?

My own style gets pushed to the bottom of the list as I’m so busy thinking about everyone else’s clothes! I do enjoy wearing my pieces when I go out though, it’s nice to see the reaction I get and gives me an insight into what people want to be wearing.

What is your style?

I tend to wear jeans with a white shirt/ t shirt and flats when I’m at work. I like this timeless look and it’s a good blank canvas to add a special piece of jewellery or some bright shoes. At night I really go for it!

What items made up your pregnancy wardrobe?

I tried to wear my everyday clothes as far as possible but when this wasn’t an option I turned to black maternity leddings, a slim fit black polo neck as it was during the winter months that I got big. I also wore a black cape which covered the bump. All this was from the high street: Zara and Gap, as I didn’t want to spend loads on pieces that I only wore for a few months. What I did splurge on was two pairs of flat Chloe boots. I felt that was allowed!

Do you think it’s necessary to buy designated pregnancy clothing?

Not really. I bought some expensive maternity jeans but I kept saving them to wear out and then it was too late! I still have the labels on them and they’re tucked away in my wardrobe in case I ever have another  baby.

I make maternity clothes for many of my clients which can grow with them and then be transformed to their normal size once they’ve had their baby. That seems better value for money to me.

Any tips for looking stylish while pregnant in the summer?

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of lovely light weight cotton pieces. A cotton smock dress would be a great look, perhaps in a neutral colour that you can wear again. This would be great with capri pants too if you’re not keen on showing your lefs.

What were your fallback outfits in the weeks following the birth?

Pregnancy clothes still and my cotton pjs!  Anything with a stretchy waistband: leggings and a shirt that could be unbuttoned easily so I could breastfeed. All disguised with a variety of lightweight scarves in carious patterns and colours to add some interest. I also invested in a camel cashmere knee length cardigan that wrapped at the front so I was comfortable carrying Joseph in the carrier… my coat was too restricting.

Favourite childrenswear brands?

I absolutely love Caramel Baby. If I could I would have Joseph in this cute brand every day. H & M do really good reasonably priced boys wear. Since he’s started charging around his stables have been quality cotton shirts and hard wearing jeans in a rainbow of colours.

What are you buying Joseph for his next birthday?

He had his birthday recently and instead of a big present we bought him a few small things such as books and toys and then went away for a long weekend to celebrate together. It seemed better to have a wonderful experience as opposed to more stuff to add to the pile!

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