Millie Mackintosh’s Baby Sleep Routine

Millie Mackintosh is using the Nanny Louenna app to help baby Sienna sleep through the night.

Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh has revealed she uses the Nanny Louenna app for baby Sienna, particularly the section around sleep.

She revealed on her Instagram stories that she is currently following Routine 2 on the app (see below for full details).

The Nanny Louenna app not only contains content from Norland nanny and sleep expert, Louenna herself, but from other industry- renowned experts including paediatric first aid from Jenni Dunman of Daisy First Aid, pre- and post- natal fitness advice from top London trainer Lily Gredley, and speech and language expert Hannah Scully.

‘There is no denying that parenting can be hard at times, particularly when you are sleep deprived and with often confusing and conflicting advice out there,” Louenna says.

“I wanted to combine all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years and put into one, easy-to-access place.”

Topics include everything from feeding, bathing and changing, to sleep routines, potty training and language development.

The app also contains over 100 activity ideas to do with babies and children that are both enjoyable and educational, so you’ll never be stuck for something to do.

There is also an important section on parental mental health, as a happy parent = a happy baby.

The Nanny Louenna app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play with subscriptions starting from £4.99 a month.

Sleep Routine 2 – The Four Hourly Cycle

If your baby weighs over 8lbs, they may be happy to feed every four hours after a week or so of feeding every three hours, especially through the night. Bottle-fed babies tend to fall in to this routine a little quicker than breastfed ones.

On the four hourly routine, babies will feed six times per 24 hours so their tummies need to be able to take at least 4 oz/120ml at each feed.

7AM – Wake, feed, wind. Change nappy, have some nappy off time if the umbilical cord has fallen off, top and tail, moisturise and dress baby for the day.

8.45AM – Swaddle and put down for a nap. This is a lovely time for a sleep in the pram outside.

11AM – Wake baby, feed, wind, change nappy. Aim to have baby awake for roughly two hours, so if they woke at 10.30AM then they will be ready for bed at 12.30PM, but if you had to wake them at 11AM then they may be able to stretch until 1PM for their next nap.

3PM – Wake baby, feed, wind, nappy change, offer a top-up

4PM – A shorter nap of up to an hour

5PM – Wake baby

5.45PM – Start bath-time, offer a split feed if needed

6.15PM – Big feed and lots of time winding

7PM – Swaddle and put baby to bed

11PM – Wake baby, turn on the lights and make sure baby wakes properly and has a really good feed. Wind and change nappy. Offer top up feed. Swaddle and put back to bed.

3AM – Wake, feed, wind, change nappy. Offer top-up. Swaddle and put back to bed. Use a white noise if baby is struggling to fall back to sleep.

Once your baby has established a good four-hourly routine, the first feed that you want to drop is either the 11PM or the 3AM feed. This is usually around eight weeks old. You have two optons:

  1. Put baby to bed at 7PM, and let them sleep for as long as they can without waking them, they usually wake at around 1AM to begin with. Give them a big feed when they wake so they can get as close to the morning feed as possible. They will sometimes wake at 5/6AM. If they do, offer a small feed and tuck them back in to bed for another sleep before you start the day at 7AM. The benefit of this is that you can go to bed early and don’t have to wait up to do the last feed.
  2. Alternatively, feed baby at 11PM and then leave them to sleep and see if they can stretch until 6.30AM. If baby wakes up before 6AM, do the same as above; offer a small feed and tuck them back into bed for a sleep before you start the day at 7AM.
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