MUMdane tip: Save all your loyalty cards on your phone


You’ve probably all been doing this for years but I’ve now got my Boots Advantage card (and Nectar card and Tesco Club card and other loyalty cards) stored on my smartphone. Jeez, I know, so mundane but so useful.

If you are further behind than me in terms of technological organisation (in which case I pity you) I suggest you download the Stocard app right away and save all your loyalty cards on your phone.

I’m forever grateful to the man behind the counter in Boots for suggesting I do this, as from now on I will never have to feel guilt that I’ve forgotten my Homebase card or suffer the degradation of a Tesco Clubcard key fob dangling from my keyring.

The APP also enables you store all these boring cards in the “wallet” on your iPhone.

Every little helps, as they say.


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