Never lose your child’s favourite teddy again

There are nearly 12,000 members of the Facebook group ‘Teddy Bear Lost and Found’ where thousands of posts showcase tragic pictures of dog-eared bunnies and rumpled duckies that have been found or, more often, lost by distressed parents and their even more distraught children.

Indeed, the loss of a child’s favourite teddy or toy is considered to be such a family trauma that one in four parents would rather lose an essential item such as their camera, smartphone, wallet or house keys than endure the stress of losing a beloved bunny or bear.

The lengths parents go to prevent or hide the dreaded lost toy scenario can be quite extreme

Research from Richmond Sausages estimates that 2.5 million families have a ‘favourite cuddly toy’ in the household whose loss would lead to considerable distress in all but 3% of this group.

The lengths parents go to prevent or hide the dreaded lost toy scenario can be quite extreme. Just under a third of parents (32%) ban the cuddly toy from leaving the house, while a further (15%) confess to have bought multiple versions of the favourite toy to ensure a ‘body double’ (see pic below) can be rolled out if all is lost.


But this could be a fruitless exercise. Apparently, 69% of children notice when a ‘stooge’ that looks and smells nothing like the much cuddled, sucked and stroked teddy they have lost is offered as a replacement.

Fortunately, help is at hand in the form of Richmond Sausages (yes, really), which has created a device that allows parents to attach a tracking chip to their child’s favourite toy when leaving the house. The chip works by connecting to the parent’s phone via an app, helping them to find beloved toys if they go missing.

As part of the Sausages and Chips campaign, Richmond Sausages is giving away up to 200,000 tracking toy chips. Simply pick up a pack, redeem the code and, if you’ve won, the chip device will be sent in the post to you. No more lost toys, no more tears.

To find out more about the Richmond Sausages and Chip campaign and how you can win a chip go to


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