New app records your child’s dreams

The Neuro-Corder™ is a new app capable of recording and playing back a child’s dream. It is thought to be a world-first, and operates through a unique biosensor headband that tracks a child’s brain signals while they sleep, before transmitting them via Bluetooth to a special smartphone app.

Mothers are then able to scroll through their child’s dreams – which are reimagined as detailed colour images – with the option to post their favourites to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. While Neuro-corder™ is currently limited to static images, developments are in place that will see user’s dreams replicated in high definition video later this year.

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The app will be equipped with special security settings to ensure ‘inappropriate’ dreams or those containing sexually explicit content are not accidently viewed by partners or children.

According to Neil Robinson, marketing director at Sealy, a bed manufacturer which has developed this new technology, the average person dreams between four and six times each night, but because they are stored in the brain’s extreme short-term memory, they are very hard to remember and rapidly fade away upon waking. “Sealy’sNeuro-Corder™ is set to change this and will record dreams for posterity, eventually giving people the opportunity to play back their favourites in glorious high definition video,” he says.

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