5 Mum Hacks to make new motherhood easier

Rebecca Maberly's 5 new mum life hacks

As antenatal class teachers, we are in a fortunate position to be able to talk to new mums on a daily basis and often use this opportunity to glean useful information to pass on to other expectant or new mums.

Here are 5 new mum hacks …to make life just that little bit easier at what can be a particularly testing time!

Get a sling!

Whether it’s a ‘wrap” style sling or a more structured one, it will give you back the use of your arms and hands! We are yet to meet a baby who didn’t like to be strapped to his mother’s chest.

The warmth, the feel of your heartbeat and the closeness are all things that a new born baby loves and popping a fractious or overtired baby in one can be a complete day-saver!

Use your free hands to make yourself something to eat or grab the remote control and catch up on your box set! Or empty the dishwasher!

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Get Bigger Nappies!

If you are suffering from day or night-time leaks – the answer could well be a bigger nappy.

There is little worse than a baby waking at night just because he has wet through his baby gro.  He will be wide awake once you have finished changing him and his cot sheets and then you will both be struggling to get back to sleep!

Even if the larger size seems to swamp your little one and look completely ridiculous, trust us, it will be more efficient at soaking up all the night time wee wee.  When my son was 3 months old he started wearing the same size 6 nappies as his older brother and we never had a leak!

Get Napisan!

The best stain remover for those giant technicolour poo explosions is Napisan.

It is an old fashioned, non-bio, germicidal stain remover. and it is the only thing we found to remove those curry-yellow stains from the back of our babies’ vests and babygros.

Keep a small bucket of water and Napisan next to your changing area and just drop any poo stained items straight in.  Just leave them in there until you have enough for a wash.

Get a bottle and give it to your baby once a day!

Whether you are loving breastfeeding or hating every minute, there will come a time when you or your baby decide to move onto formula or cow’s milk.

If we had a pound for every mum we speak to whose baby baby refused to take a bottle, we would be enjoying retirement in the Caribbean.

If you start to give your baby a daily bottle from an early age, you will have no problem switching to bottles when the time comes.  You can use your breastmilk or formula in the bottle.

Do not be worried about nipple/teat confusion- your baby will not suddenly refuse your breast once he or she has taken a bottle.  It also gives the baby’s father a nice opportunity to sit and spend precious time with the baby. (And gives you a well deserved break)

Do not be fooled into giving the baby a bottle once and then not bothering again, or you may be faced with a bottle resistant baby who has forgotten all about the one time he liked it!

Get some new mum friends!

This is perhaps the most important hack for any new mum.  Friends or acquaintances who become friends who are going through the same thing at the same time as you, are worth their weight in gold!  A friend with a baby 6 months older that yours is good, but someone with a baby born the same month as yours is even better!

Having someone to meet for coffee/wine or to whatsapp with at 3am can be a compete game changer.

Someone to swap poo stories with, to rant with about “useless husbands” or just to share your joy as your baby learns new tricks is a necessity.

Sure, your friends and parents will be chuffed to hear that your baby can sit unaided, but you will probably find that your new mum friend will be more effusive about this small but important milestone!

Antenatal Classes are traditionally a great place to make friends with likeminded ladies who are due at a similar time!

But don’t worry if you missed the boat or didn’t meet any kindred spirits – you can pick up your new mum friends in the Nappy aisle at Sainsburys, the Baby Weigh in at your GPs, the Playground, Rhyme time and actually any public places where you might be surprised to find yourself bonding with a mum over a puke-covered shoulder or a giant poo explosion!

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