Paloma Faith’s Baby List

It’s an overwhelming experience, shopping for your newborn.

Lucky us, Paloma Faith, singer, mum and ​mum-to-be shares her must-have parenting products.

BabyBjorn Leopard


First of all, this appeals to my taste because I love leopard print. It’s a great place to put your baby when you have another child and they can entertain themselves safely. Click here to buy


If you’re anything like me and suffer from anxiety, then knowing your child can’t roll over in the early days is a blessing. Click here to buy

Miracle Blankets

I find swaddling super technical, my first child broke out of the swaddle every time and woke me up, this was the only thing that she couldn’t fight! Click here to buy

Cuddledry Towel 

I felt safer and less likely to drop the baby when using this and also it was a really good post bath bonding experience. Click here to buy

Dr Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles 

I was exclusively breast feeding before and this was the only bottle my child would take after she was so used to breast feeding. Click here to buy

Cosatto Prams by Paloma Faith 

Not only are they practical and robust (a bit like buying a Range Rover for your baby) but they look good too. Click here to buy

Mini Rodini baby & kidswear

These are both ethically sound and enviable. If I could fit in them, I would wear them myself. Click here to buy

Elvie Breast Pump

One of the most discreet breast pumps on the market. If you’re working and pumping at the same time, you just put it in your bra and walk around like nothing is happening. Click here to buy

Artipoppe Baby Carriers

These baby carriers are so gorgeous you will want to wear them without a baby in them! But when your buba is in there it’s so snuggly you might wish you were in one too! Click here to buy

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