The night feed survival kit

My husband has banished himself to the spare room with a cold (!) leaving me to do the night feeds alone. I’ve found the only way to cope with this (the same thing has happened for the past two nights) is to be prepared for every eventuality.

Alfie is nine days old and so far every night has had its own set of dramas.


My bedside table thus features the following:

Nappies  He’ll get through at least three tonight

Nipple cream Although it will take more than this to heel the damage!

Breast pads

Cotton wool

Stretch mark cream Bit late for that, I know

Eye mask In case he decides to sleep in (!)

Nipple shields Can’t feed without them

Breast pump I’ve got the Medela double whammy. As far as these things go, it’s incredible

Water wipes These are the best wipes you can get

First Defence No time for me to get this blasted cold too

Two types of painkiller C-section scar not feeling good

Bottles Three for him and a water bottle for me

Notebook  I doubt I’ll have a flash of genius in the night but you never know

My iPad Although the bright screen hurts my tired eyes

Just dashing downstairs to retrieve a couple of dummies (yes, already at that stage) and some clean muslins….

Oh the glamour of new motherhood.



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