Mummy Diaries: A Letter To The New Mummy Me

Rachael Armitage
In the first entry in our journal competition, Rachael Armitage has sent us the letters she wrote to herself and her new son in the weeks after his birth.

To the new Mummy-me,

So the bump and belly have gone leaving behind a few stretch marks.

The little jumping bean is no longer saying “hello” from the inside – he is here. This new little person is now relying on me for everything.

It is overwhelming and amazing! Every day is a new learning curve and it is incredibly refreshing to realise that things really can be put off until tomorrow. The old pre-mummy me would never have thought that possible.

It is lovely to just sit and chill with this warm snuggly radiator on my chest.

Dougie is such a miracle – I never thought I could be so lucky! And I feel so proud to have given Mark and I a little boy.

I can see how natural this all is and that it is meant to be – the “mummy instinct” is overwhelming and I feel as though I have already learnt so much about myself.

However I am so worried about doing the right thing, particularly in regards to Dougie sleeping safely, as I am anxious about something going wrong. I imagine all new mummies feel like this though. I just want to keep him super safe in my arms. The world suddenly seems like a more frightening place now I have the most precious being to take care of.

It is so hard to know what to do about routine etc but I think we need to go with Dougie at least initially as a newborn until there is more structure to his feeding. That may be right, that may be wrong but our new little team can learn together!


Dear Dougie,

I am the proudest Mummy to be able to hold you, my beautiful boy, in my arms. I am mesmerised by you and wish that I never had to put you down – cuddles are the best. I love you so much it actually takes my breath away. I cannot believe how lucky we are and I can’t wait to see you grown into a happy and healthy little boy.

Daddy and I promise that we will do everything we can to keep a wonderful smile on your face. We will have so many adventures together as a family. We can’t wait to share all of our new experiences with you. There are so many wonderful family and friends, who care about you and are excited to see you grow into a boy and a man.

Thank you for making my life complete. You are so small but hold such a big place in my heart already.

I hope you forgive Mummy if I don’t always have the answers right away. Daddy and I are learning on the job, so sometimes don’t quite get it right (lots of leaking nappies spring to mind…!)

I love you very much Dougie and always will xx


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