Review: Best baby thermometers

So you need to buy a thermometer to take your baby’s body temperature…

But you might also (if you’re on the paranoid side, like we are)  find it relaxing to have a thermometer to check the temperature of their bath, bottle and bedroom, too.

Here, Lauran Carbran, reviews the latest thermometers on the market:


Activ8rlives Contactless IR Thermometer Bluetooth 4.0

What is it? A thermometer for the whole family but particularly useful for little ones. It measures their body, room and surface temperature and sends the data straight to your phone via an app, so you can always keep track on your baby’s health and her surroundings.

Technical specifications: Replaceable 2 x AA batteries, suitable for all ages, works through a free app.

Best bits: Great to use whatever age your child is and easy to keep a record on your phone.

Buy it now: £59.99,



What is it?
The Wishbone plugs into your mobile and measures the temperature of bottle, bathwater and surroundings. It generates a reading in 2 seconds, so it’s quick and easy to use.

Technical specifications: Works through a free app on Android and iOS devises, suitable for all ages, accurate to within 0.2°C when measuring body temperature.

Best bits: It’s small size means you can take it in your changing back or in your hand luggage on holiday.

Buy it now: unfortunately it hasn’t quite launched yet! Watch this space…



 What is it? It monitors baby (including temperature) via a video screen and a no-touch thermometer, so you can keep an eye on your baby’s temperature while she’s sleeping or playing, even if you’re not in the room.

Technical specifications: 2.4” colour screen, camera monitor can be panned, tilted and zoomed, ranges up to 300 metres, high sensitivity microphone, plays lullabies, no-touch thermometer measures temperature of baby, food or bath.

Best bits:  It features infa-red night vision, so no matter how dark her room is you can still see her. The two-way communication feature means you can speak to her and reassure her if she starts crying in the night.

Buy it now: £99.99,



What is it? You won’t have to disturb your baby when taking his temperature – simply rest the thermometer against her temple as she sleeps or is being cuddled.

Technical specifications: Wide LCD Display, Fever check function, the LED bar changes colour according to the detected temperature; green, amber or red.

 Best bits: It takes her thermometer in 5 seconds and has a wide display system giving you clear feedback.

Buy it now: £25,


DCS-855L_A1_Image L(Side_Right)_Blue

What is it? A monitor and thermometer that measures the room temperature and has a 2 way audio with lullabies

Technical specifications: Pan and tilt feature, high definition, night vision.

Best bits: You can monitor you baby through your mobile, whether she’s playing in her nursery or sleeping while you’re out.

Buy it now: £142.56,

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