Review: ByKay Essential Jersey Wrap Carrier

ByKay essential jersey wrap carrier is a stretchy, one size fits all baby carrier made of 100 per cent cotton and Oekotex-100. It can be used from the first day up to approximately 10 kilos.

Mumfidential’s Rachael Armitage says:

Before my baby, Dougie arrived, I went on a mission to find a traditional fabric carrier that wouldn’t exacerbate the back pain that I regularly suffer from. I was advised at a baby fair that this particular carrier would distribute the weight evenly across my back rather than pulling down on my shoulders, as many of the more structured carriers do.

I was also reassured that the GIGANTIC piece of fabric that is the ByKay would be easy to tie once I got the hang of it and baby would just slot right in.

I tried it out at the fair using a doll and it seemed super easy, so I invested. Unfortunately a grizzly newborn wasn’t quite as patient as the doll and I found it a nightmare to tie correctly.

When I got it right, it was really comfortable and Dougie was snuggled up happily. But it felt different every time I put it on and didn’t always fit so well.

I think I would probably opt for a pre-tied fabric sling another time, such as the Manduca.

Price: £26 – £40

Technical spec: Birth to 10kg (apparently!). Front, hip or back carry.

Best bit: natural carrier, keeps newborns snuggly, good weight distribution for parent and baby.

Worst bit: felt a bit frumpy, difficult for a novice to tie, fibres of the fabric shed onto baby.

Star rating: 2/5

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