Review: Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier

Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier
We review the Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier

Nothing rivals a baby carrier for giving you some freedom in the first few weeks of motherhood. This one, the Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier, is super easy to wear and can be used from newborn to toddler in three positions: front, back and hip.

Over the past few months we have given in a thorough testing. I’ve used it to carry my baby, Horatio, (now seven months) on the daily nursery run and for longer walks in the country at weekends.

Ergobaby Adapt

When he was really little, he would just sleep in it. Godsend. Now, he looks out and watches the world go by while cuddled up to me like a koala. It is definitely the cosiest carrier I’ve tried.

We’ve used it in the rain and sun – no problems there thanks to a SPF hood (he looks so cute peeping out beneath it) – and I’ve also managed to breastfeed whilst wearing it, although I admit that I haven’t, unlike some mothers, worked out how to do this whilst walking along.

Alfie, nearly two and a half, has also enjoyed the Adapt. It came in to its own for him this summer when he broke his leg.

The “M” position of the seat ensured that his leg was in a comfortable position as he travelled on our backs and there was definitely something soothing about all that close contact at a time when he wasn’t able to run around. In fact he started dosing off in it, too, which is unheard of for him.


At Mumfidential we already love the Ergobaby Four Position 360 carrier (reviewed here).

The Adapt is different, in that there is no need for an insert to be used for newborns (definitely a plus!) and it doesn’t have the forward facing option (the only negative as far as I can work out).

It’s definitely not just me and my boys that finds it comfortable. A friend who had given up on baby carriers altogether after finding them agony to wear has completely fallen in love with the Adapt.

The straps are extremely soft and squishy, which helps: I wear it with them crossed over my back but you can also wear it like a rucksack with the straps straight over your shoulder.

Horatio has taken to chewing it, which is a bit annoying but it looks as good as new after a go in the washing machine.

Definitely recommend this if you want to hold your baby close, in a safe position, whilst getting on with everything else you need to achieve.


Price: Currently £109.90 on John Lewis

Technical spec: Birth to 20kg. Front, hip or back carry.

Best bit: Very easy to wear for long periods. Feels like a comfortable piece of clothing rather than a baby carrier and my children love being in it.

Worst bit: No forward facing option although some would argue that this isn’t a particularly comfortable way for baby (or mum) to travel anyway.

Star rating: 4.5/5

Buy it now: John Lewis

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