Review: The WoolNest by moKee

moKee WoolNest
moKee WoolNest

I’ve always been suspicious of Moses baskets simply because my children have always refused to sleep in them.

Maybe it’s the creaky noise the wicker makes when they move, or simply that they’re hungry or colicky and never going to sleep anyway, but basket-style baby beds have never worked for me.

Until we got a WoolNest by moKee.

Technically a moKee nest isn’t a Moses basket because it is made of wool, but it is the same shape and has handles and can sit on a stand next to your bed.

As I write, Baby H is comatose in it, in our bedroom. He has slept soundly in it since it arrived when he was four months old. How I wish I’d had it weeks and weeks sooner.

According to the company, the WoolNest is a modern take on the Moses basket for babies up to six months. (Shhhiit…. this only gives H another two days in his).

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Made of the best quality wool, it is designed to make babies feel as cosy as they do in the womb. It’s round shape muffles noise and keeps out drafts and it is soft yet sturdy with a really comfy mattress.

It was really easy to assemble (I actually asked the nanny to build the stand as I have no patience with these things and it took her about five minutes) and it looks super chic – way cooler than most baby kit, particularly given it can be personalised with the baby’s name. 

Plus you can buy all sorts of funky sheets and covers to go with it. (Check out moKee’s website for other cool things such as cots and mobiles and sleeping bags).

And it’s small, so it can fit in little bedrooms and can be packed flat in the car when you’re travelling.

Ahhh, I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when he grows out of it.

Do they make bigger ones with caging on top?

No, I thought not. A good idea for the future though?  

  • The WoolNest by moKee costs £89.95 (or £109.95 including stand). Available in loads of colours. Order yours here 


This must be the coolest Moses basket in the world. Can’t stop staring at it… #wearemokee @wearemokee


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