Sharky & George: 5 rules for throwing a third birthday party

If, like us, you find the idea of entertaining a gang of two or three-year-olds migraine-inducingly intimidating, here are 5 tips from children’s party planning heroes, Sharky & George.

Sharky & George’s kids’ parties started out while Charlie (Sharky) Astor and George Whitefield were at University in Bristol, studying French & Politics and Biology respectively. The main reason was that neither of them had really grown up and found that they had a natural ability to come up with engaging, wholesome and energetic games for children and to deliver them as “normal”, “older brother” figures rather than as ‘performers’ or ‘entertainers’.

As well as organising hundreds of brilliant kids’ parties every year, Sharky & George is fast becoming a well-known and trusted children’s brand that really values the importance of finding the fun in everything and in every situation we find ourselves in.

With the launch of the first Sharky & George book “Don’t You Dare” and the great success of Sharky & George Clothing, all the S&G team are set to be extremely busy for many years to come.

Here are their RULES for throwing a third birthday party

Plan – every minute

Before you even start thinking up a theme or browsing Pinterest for decoration ideas, you need to work out a framework for your party, which means plotting the minute-by-minute experience of your young guests. Two or three hours worth of partying will be plenty for children of this age… allocate specific time for games, activities and tea.

Interactive and imaginative NOT static

Ensure that all those attending, whatever age, are included in an interactive and imaginative way. This will be so much more fun for them than sitting watching a performance or show. Treasure hunts, tug-of-wars, cooking, competitions and artistic creations tend to go down well.

Distract, distract, distract

There will inevitably be the odd tantrum or meltdown but you can avoid – or at least curtail – most of these incidents through distraction. Get the children focussed on something, and if they start kicking off, draw their attention to something else!

Go crazy on the games

If you’re brave enough to provide entertainment yourself at home or in a venue, have loads and loads of games and activities planned. We’d recommend you come up with two hours-worth of games for every one hour of party. This might sound like overkill but you’ll be amazed how quickly you race through games and it gives you the flexibility to ditch the ones that aren’t working out.

Enjoy yourself (yes, really!)

You might think this sounds impossible but if you’ve done your preparation and know what you’re doing on a minute-by-minute basis (as we mentioned above) there is no reason why you can’t get into the party mood too. Children are scarily perceptive: if you’re finding it a chore they will pick up on it and will not engage in the games.


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