Shouldn’t it be called World Baby Feeding Week? ;-)

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2016!

There’s nothing better than a full, sleeping baby!

I’ve had three babies now and agree that it can be a wonderfully easy, quick, free, cosy (and all the other gushy things people say about it) experience.

Once you’ve got it going, you don’t have to worry about washing bottles and buying formula. You can feel comforted that you are giving your baby exactly what it should naturally be having.

BUT BUT BUT I also know that it was totally the right thing not to breastfeed my first two babies. I struggled hard with it but it didn’t work and now, having seen the difference between a baby that is easy to breastfeed and a baby that is not, I am so glad I gave bottles (I think persevering would have driven us all to hospital in fact).

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I’d also say, as an aside, that breastfeeding killed my nipples to begin with and my two bottle fed babies slept through the night much more quickly 🙂

World Breastfeeding Week is a great thing but I hope it doesn’t make formula feeding mums might feel sad or guilty.

However you do it, feeding a baby can be very very tough, and motherhood is hard any way, so do what it takes to make your life easy.
So, we’d like to raise a boob or a bottle to any mummy out there who is FEEDING their baby. Happy World Baby Feeding Week!



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