How To Simplify Christmas And Keep The Magic Alive

The Christmas story is all about light and love and family, it’s about giving and receiving in the simplest sense. Here are Lulu Luckock's tips for a calm, happy and simple Christmas...

I wonder if you are already getting your knickers in a twist about Christmas!? To be honest many of us find Christmas altogether too demanding and overwhelming.

There always seems to be too much to do, too much to eat and drink and way too much money spent on general overconsumption this can all lead to stress. To be honest it should be just the opposite!

The Christmas story is all about light and love and family, it’s about giving and receiving in the simplest sense.

Why not be radical this year and strip your Christmas back to being a simple, calm holiday spent with those that you most love, doing the things that you don’t have time to do during the normal, busy and rushed everyday?

Remember: less often brings with it the space for so much more.

If you think this is a great idea it’s time to make some plans….

  • Decide to travel less over the Christmas holiday

You don’t have to go to every party or event you are asked to. Make the decision that this year you will only spend Christmas near to home with close family and friends and practice saying a gentle but firm no to doing too much.

The days between Christmas and New Year are a gift of time in itself. It’s a time for families to spend together- reconnecting, sleeping, reading, playing and generally have time out.

  • Christmas is all about giving

Giving brings with it great joy. Find the time to make simple cards and really basic homemade gifts with your children for their grandparents (remembering always that it’s the thought that counts). It could be as simple as a threaded popcorn decoration, or a decorated handprint, anything really that your children can participate in creating and then in giving.

  • Shop less, experience more

Try really hard not to give unnecessary stuff in the form of presents to people whom already have too much. Give experiences instead, like a paid dinner in a favourite restaurant, a membership to a museum, a magazine/newspaper subscription or perhaps an Oxfam gift.

  • The presents rule

When buying presents for your children use the following rule- give them something they will read, or really need or dearly want.

  • Get the glow

Try decorating less by using only a few simple decorations. Turn off the lights, put lots of candles in high places, add a small sparkly tree covered in last year’s fairy lights and decorations and you will have created a home full of magical festive excitement.

  • Start your own traditions

And last but not least carry on building your families very own Christmas traditions. Christmas Eve PJs and movie night, basic biscuit gift baking, funny Christmas jersey wearing, Carol singing, whatever tickles your fancy be sure to make those forever family memories together.

Try to make this Christmas all about spending simple precious downtime with your family.

I promise you won’t regret it!

Love Lulu x

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