Mumfidential’s summer holiday shopping list

Time for some summer holiday shopping? We love recommending products we’ve tried out (and genuinely think are brilliant), and new brands that are worth a look.

Here are our top 10 for July:

Babyzen YOYO buggy

I’m not just recommending this because my baby gets called Yoyo. This is a featherweight hand luggage buggy so perfect if you’re flying but equally amazing if you’re clambering on and off buses in London or taking trains around the countryside.

Mumfidential YOYO buggy review

It’s suitable from birth with a newborn nest and when your babe reaches 6 months you can attach the seat base to convert into an outward facing stroller.

RRP £339. Additional newborn pack £146.

Salt Water Sandals

My sister in law recommended these to me and we haven’t looked back. Hector wore his (female) cousin’s turquoise numbers last summer and this summer we have our own bright orange sandals. Alfie has some more manly red ones.

Salt-Watersandals Mumfidential reviewNo blisters, no sweaty feet… just some rather impressive sandal tan marks from sitting in the buggy. Bad mother alert.

Holidays are coming! Sandals at the ready #sun #France #sandals #kidstyle @saltwatersandals_europe

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Beaba baby sunglasses

My older boys swan around in sunglasses bought in a supermarket in France but obviously little baby Yoyo couldn’t have Carrefour shades. No, he has Beaba ultra strong UV wraparounds and while I get your point that sunglasses on a baby are truly ridiculous, at 5.5 months he really does enjoy wearing them. Beaba sunglasses Mumfidential reviewBy which I mean he doesn’t even try to pull them off. They’ve got dark unbreakable lenses – so slick  –  and an enveloping frame, which means it doesn’t have to rest on his ears.

Nibbling jewellery

If you’ve had a precious necklace ripped off by a hungry nursing infant, or your bracelets snapped by a curious toddler, you will get Nibbling jewellery – chewable necklaces and bracelets. nibbling baby jewellery Mumfidential To anyone else it sounds f’d up.  I can’t say I got too many envious looks as I wore my Nibbling bracelet down Clapham High Street but Yoyo completely adores it. Not only is it soft and flexible and totally safe for him to gnaw (made of 100% food grade silicone no less) but it’s also a rattle. Recommend.

It’s a teether and rattle for him and a bracelet for me. Genius. #teethingjewellery @nibblinguk

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View the full collection at

SPF 50+ Poncho towel

These new SPF Cuddledry ponchos are brilliant for throwing on after a dip in the paddling pool (or sea). You can then career around in the sun to dry off without worrying about burning.

If you spend the afternoon in and out of the sprinkler, like I do, you need one of these @cuddledry ponchos #cuddledry

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babybjorn travel cot

I now have two of these as they are the only travel cot worth having (I know big call).

babybjorn travel cot review

A doddle to put up and down, and they pack away into a neat rectangular bag. My children sleep in them until they are three and don’t climb out (although maybe they’re muppets…).  Yes there are cheaper travel cots available – my parents bought one from Toys r Us for £40. It is utterly crap in comparison, though.

£199.95, John Lewis 

Lite cup

Frustratingly this image does not do justice to quite how amazing these sippy cups are. The child can drink from anywhere around the lid and yet the water never spills, so they are perfect for picnics and car journeys.

Lite Cup reviewPLUS, they glow in the dark… bright blue. For this reason my children spend a lot of time standing in the larder with the door closed and the light off, drinking their water. Would also make a great present.

£8.59, Amazon

Olivier Liberty print clothing

Olivier baby
Olivier baby

Thank you Instagram for introducing me to this gorgeous label. Liberty print shirts and dresses, and the softest cardigans and tank tops. No wonder Princess Charlotte is a fan… And, ahem, they have a 70% off sale at the mo.

Olivier baby 

Pacapod changing bag rucksack

We’ve said before how rucksacks make the best changing bag and having used this Pacapod for the past month, I can’t recommend it more highly.

It’s actually three bags: inside are two pods, one for changing and one for feeding. We’re only just getting onto solids, so the food pod hasn’t been relevant but the changing pod, which stores all the wipes, nappies, creams is amazing and there’s masses of space in the bag for everything else.

Pacapod rucksack The straps are comfortable and enable you to carry it over the shoulder or on the back, and I can open and close it with one hand while clutching baby/ closing car door etc etc.

£69.95, Pacapod

Big Red Bus cds

We’ve written about these before and now, with holidays starting, and long car journeys ahead, we want to remind you how amazing they are.

On the big red bus cd Apologies for the tunes that will stay in your head for the rest of the summer… it’s worth it for the happy car, though. Promise.


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