Test driving the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One

The baby and I have been enjoying the BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One this weekend.

We threw a surprise party for my father and it turns out the baby doesn’t appreciate being second fiddle.

He wouldn’t nap in his cot or in his pram, and the bouncy chair drove him insane, so if I hadn’t been able to slot him into the carrier, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything to help.


I reviewed it last year when his older brother, Alfred, used it as a one-year-old (see link and below) but can now recommend it for a newborn too. I’ve even made an extremely rudimentary video (yes, apologies) to show how easy it is to put on.

There’s no need for a newborn insert, which can be complicated to fit. The carrier’s “newborn position” – which uses two zips to create a wider seat – ensures that his hips are in the correct position and the adjustable headrest keeps him his head and neck secure.

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This isn’t something I’d necessarily wear if he’s supposed to be awake – he falls straight to sleep the moment the clips are fastened! But I’m looking forward though to the time when he’s big enough to go forward facing, which ended up being Alfred’s default position until he could walk. We used the carrier for hiking in Austria last summer and until very recently he was using it to travel on my back – poor thing has to walk now the baby is here.

Due to mysterious disappearance of my original BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One (it was black and very soft after numerous washes) during our recent house move, I now have a watercolour blue one, which is made of a breathable fabric, so perfect for summer.

Here’s the original review:

The BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One is a versatile 4-way front and back carrier with a pressure-relieving waist belt and shaped, padded shoulder straps.

It offers three front carrying positions and one back carrying position for older babies, allowing you to safely carry your toddler on your back from 12 months. Baby Carrier One can be used straight from birth without the need for infant inserts and up to three years of age.

Mumfidential’s Anna Tyzack says:

I was happily using the BABYBJÖRN original carrier but when Alfred was 10 months (e.g. a lump) and we were off skiing I decided to invest in something a bit more robust. I wanted to go for another BABYBJÖRN because I love the brand (we have the high chair, bouncy chair, travel cot and potty – suckers!). The Baby Carrier One seemed to fit the bill because it can be used for front and back carrying until a toddler is three. 

It’s a bigger contraption than the original, which took a bit of getting used to, but now I’ve got the hang of the clips (they’re really easy) and the way the straps are adjusted, I can put it on almost as quickly. 

I absolutely love it and wear it all the time (so much so that I’m afraid Alfred will never start walking). It fits really well and is extremely comfortable with its super-wide padded straps. No back or shoulder-ache so far. Plus it looks pretty neat, which is amazing given I’m carrying around a one-year-old! 

Alfred loves it too – he starts flapping his arms wildly when I get it out the cupboard, a bit like when a dog sees its lead.

Alfred loves it too – he starts flapping his arms wildly when I get it out the cupboard, a bit like when a dog sees its lead. Now he’s one, I’ve tried carrying him on my back, too, which looked a bit tricky to set up in the instruction booklet but is actually straightforward. 

While I haven’t test driven it on a newborn I would imagine it is extremely comfortable for both mother and baby. The Baby Carrier One complies with the recommendations of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute to ensure an appropriate position for the child. 

Price: Currently £119.99 on Amazon

Technical spec: Birth (without need for an infant insert) to 3 years. Front (inward and outward facing) and back carrying.

Best bit: fantastically comfortable, easy to put on and can be used for three years. RECOMMEND.

Worst bit: I guess you could say it is slightly bulky (although this is why it is comfortable plus it rolls up small to fit in your changing bag!). Occasionally I struggle to do the belt up tightly enough.

Star rating: 5/5 stars

Buy it now: Amazon

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