Test driving the SleepCurve crib mattress

After what seemed like a decade of sleepless nights with my first baby, I ditched the Moses basket and put him in a small cot, swaddled, on his side between two rolled up blankets. Finally we got some sleep.

Perhaps, though, if I’d had a SleepCurve crib mattress, we wouldn’t have given up on the Moses basket so readily.

Philip Owen, one of Britain’s leading cranial osteopaths, designed the crib mattress (it’s also available in cot and cotbed sizes) to give babies a better night’s sleep and minimise flat head syndrome, reflux and breathing difficulties.

As I don’t have a Moses basket, I tested it out in my pram, which isn’t necessarily recommended by he manufacturers but as it is exactly the same size I couldn’t see the harm.

Horatio, who suffers from reflux, took to it instantly.

The curved head support (see video) looked a little weird to me… his head seemed very far back…  but he obviously finds this position – which is designed to mimic how we cradle a baby in our arms – very comfortable.

He now sleeps soundly in the pram whenever we go out – and I’ve ordered a Moses basket!

The SleepCurve crib mattress and two sheets costs £87 sleepcurve.com

SleepCurve mattress

The unique patented design of SleepCurve mattresses are the result of more than a decade of work by Philip Owen, one of the UK’s leading cranial osteopaths, who specialises in treating babies from new-born onwards. The mattresses provide five key benefits over other baby mattresses to give your baby a better night’s sleep:

  1. A unique curve that cradles the babies head in the correct position to promote better posture and allow the baby to move its head easily
  2. The mattresses have been designed to prevent and treat Flat Head Syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly / Brachycephaly)
  3. The clever design means your baby lies comfortably with airways at the natural, open position for easier breathing.
  4. The integral heat channels help keep your baby cool
  5. A very gentle slope that helps reduce acid reflux in babies

The mattresses have recently been recognised in two national awards and in clinical trials by Alder Hey Childrens Hospital.


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