The book that promises to send your child to sleep

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep has been written by a psychologist with the express intention of sending your child to sleep. Even the pictures have been designed to be sleep inducing.

Too good to be true?


It’s written by Swedish psycologist Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin and includes carefully researched sleep-making techniques, such as frequent yawning by the reader, including the child’s name within the story to ensure they identify with Roger, the rabbit who refuses to go to sleep, as well as emboldened phrases, which must be read with emphasis.

The author insists, however, that reading it is as simple as reading any other bedtime story  – it simply has an improved language pattern to help your child relax and sleep.

Cute little boy is sleeping in front of his teddy bears

It’s the first self-published title ever to top the Amazon charts, pushing bestsellers such as Go Set a Watchman off the podium, which is hardly surprising given that every parent of young children in the world is desperate for them to go to sleep.

Our copy is on order (watch this space for the review) but we’d love to hear if it works for your little insomniac.


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