The books your child should read this summer

children book recommendations

From a very young age children enjoy engaging in the incredible world of books.

I have lots of parents asking me for book suggestions, as we all know that bedtime stories can be very repetitive when the same old favourite is chosen for the umpteenth night in a row!

If your little learner always chooses the same story, keep reading it, but also how about trying out an alternative story that you’ve selected yourself?

The summer holidays are now upon us and below I share a list of some ‘off the beaten track’ books, which I love and hope you can enjoy too.

All books can be enjoyed by a range of ages, but I’ve broken them into an approximate age range.

0-1 years

Beautiful Babies D.Ellwand

Mumfidential books

Black and white photograph board book celebrating babies; the mirror at the end is always a popular feature.


Owl Babies  M.Waddell


A delightful story of three owlets waiting for their owl mummy to return home. The pop up edition is a fun alternative.


1-2 years

Farm Hullabaloo  J.Smith

book recommendations

A big noisy book all about life on a farm. This has been and continues to be a firm favourite of Master L’s.


The Tickle Book  I.Whybrow & A.Scheffler

Tickle Book

A brilliant action packed book with plenty of pop up surprises.


2-3 years

I Love You, Blue Kangaroo! E.Chichester Clark


A touching story exploring the friendship and importance of a favourite item.


The Giant Jam Sandwich, J.Vernon Lord & J.Burroway

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 15.28.19A truly wonderful story exploring how a town deal with a major influx of wasps!

3-4 years

The Lighthouse Keeper’s LunchR&D.Armitage


Follow the charming story of how to stop the seagulls from stealing Mr Grinling’s lunch.


Funny bones, J & A.Ahlberg


A silly skeleton filled story. Lots of silly events happen following a group of funny skeletons on their night time adventures.


4-5 years

Mix it Up H.Tullet

Mix it up!

A very clever invitation to follow an artist’s instructions on a very colourful and interactive adventure.


You Choose N.Sharratt & P.Goodhart

You Choose

All pictures to seriously expand imaginations of what you would really choose if you could.

5-6 years

Maps A&D.Mizielinska

book recommendations

A beautiful book of maps providing a visual feast and fascinating facts for all over the world.


Would You Rather? J.Burningham


An inspiring story exploring different options for children through expanding imaginations and creativity as well as a wonderful underlying moral touch.



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