The CD that transformed our family car journeys

If you’re already dreading that long Easter car journey with your baby/ toddler(s), we’ve got an ingenious suggestion. Three words: Big Red Bus.

Hector’s personalised Big Red Bus CD arrived last summer… a rather small and unexciting-looking package at first glance but the content, a CD emblazoned with his name, has provided us with hours of entertainment (and peace) on car journeys.

I’m forever grateful to his godmother, Fiona, for commissioning it.

None of us knew what to expect when we first hit play on but within minutes we were all (particularly Hector) captivated. “Is there anyone there called Hector?” asked the narrator, Granny Farmer?

“Yes…” came a small, slightly confused voice from the back of the car.

And that was it… Hector was hooked: singing along to songs such as Wheels on the Bus, Hocky Cokey and Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, many of which are personalised with his name, joining in the actions (when prompted sternly by Granny F) and listening intently to the story of the Big Red Bus’s visit to Granny Farmer’s farm.

My husband and I still laugh every time we hear him chattering along to Granny Farmer.

Such was the success that Alfie now has his own personalised On the Big Red Bus Down on the Farm CD too and they both have On the Big Red Bus At The Seaside CDs, a day out with Granny Farmer  playing on the sand, exploring rock pools, making music and singing more songs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 17.29.08

They insist on listening to them in the house, as well as in the car.

It’s so funny seeing them sitting on the sofa in the playroom staring at the blank screen of the television as they listen to the CD.

At just £10 plus post and packing of £1.50 (they’re on special offer) this will be the best value holiday present you will buy.

No more “Are we nearly there yet?”

Have a look at the Big Red Bus website and order before Sunday 20th March to ensure delivery for the Easter break.

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