Stylish lights for your child’s bedroom

I always think decorating children’s rooms should allow you to have a little fun, and then I start to browse the internet.

Why is it so hard to find something that can grow with your child, that isn’t a cartoon character your child will have flippantly disregarded by the end of the month, in some colour that most certainly does not sit nicely against your Farrow & Ball paint scheme*?

Isn’t it best if you can pick something that grows with them?

After much searching, these are some of the best investment lighting options I’ve found.

I hope most of them will last children until they leave home!

1. John Moncrieff Balloon Lights

These are available in nine different colours and come as either wall or ceiling lamps. Prices start from £155 for the small. Note you will need an electrician to install them unless you are particularly handy. I have seen these first hand and they are really well made and the coloured glass looks great. Once they are switched on they all glow white.

2. White Rabbit England

These come as a table lamp or as a lower watt night light. The table lamp versions have five different coloured cords to choose from. I have the rabbit night light for my daughter and the the dog table lamp with red cord for my son. The night lights are currently on sale, prices start from around £50.

3. Bird Cage Lamps

These charming lamps come in a variety of styles – table, floor, ceiling – starting from £245. I think they look best with a nostalgia bulb.

4. Jonathan Adler

does wonderfully quirky decor and I fell hard for this giraffe lamp. He also does a charming elephant. Price £395.

5. Dragons of Walton Street

has fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your stance, been adopted by the Duchess of Cambridge and I can’t pretend that prices here are anything but steep. However if you are keen on a nursery with a theme, or just a bespoke piece, they are good.

Both lamp bases can be bespoke painted or you can pick from one of their styles (ranging from Beatrix Potter to Paddington Bear, or more abstract floral patterns). I have the Balmoral (5) painted to suit my daughters nursery and think the shape of the Trafalgar (6) would be lovely for a boy. Prices are £195 without shade.

*Blog on paint companies in the pipe line, you can safely step away from the Farrow & Ball if the idea of another discussion between ‘pointing’ and ‘white tie’ feels like you’re on the road to a marriage breaker

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