The Quick Guide to Parenting

If you have a friend who has a child, get them this book for Christmas. The Quick Guide to Parenting is a beautiful and hilarious sketch book of parenthood.

Laura Quick’s illustrations are SPOT ON.

She’s a trained illustrator who works closely with fashion photographers, artists and designers. For the past six years she’s been publishing her depictions of parenthood on her blog, The Daily Think .. all the bizarre moments and ridiculous conversations and tantrums in inappropriate places that are part of being a parent.


Every page of The Quick Guide to Parenting portrays a situation we have had with our own children.

It’s 144 pages of illustrations about being a parent, to make you laugh, and wince and occasionally go soft and squishy inside.

It’s life affirming to know that other parents are going through exactly the same fails and mishaps as you and for some reason, when they’re sketched out on paper, they seem so much funnier than they were at the time.

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The Quick Guide to Parenting is available on Amazon


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