The style edit: Euro baby

Coming up for two, Lars is finding his style. And I’ve been feeling preeeetty pleased with the feedback.  “Oh he looks so Euro in that”…”what a little man” …”is it casual day at work?  Then to top it off.. ”is that actually Burberry”…yes it is YES it is.

Yes, I am a twat.

In my head Lars is actually called Larson. He works in a media company and lives in Berlin. He drinks espressos and wears nice shoes – nothing hiking related.

I’m a stay at home Mamma, I don’t work in Media. But with this in mind, we start our day,

It sounds bizarre and maybe a little sad, but really my main aim is that neither of us looks too practical. If you’ve ever lived in California or suburbia you’ll know what I mean.

Here are a few pieces that we love, ranging from baby to enormous toddler size and to be honest all very much unisex. The key with the Euro look is to avoid pink for girls and size down – tighter is better.

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