Are these the most useless baby products?

Which? has calculated that expectant parents could save around £275 by NOT buying the 10 baby products voted by parents as completely useless. I’m all for steering clear of irrelevant products (I dread to think how much money I wasted on Amazon in the first weeks of Hector’s life) but glancing through the list I’m not sure I fully agree with the line-up…

Top 10 least useful baby products (according to Which?)

Door baby bouncer

Ok I admit Hector only used ours a handful of times but I cherish the video I took of him bouncing joyfully in the bathroom doorway. Will definitely be putting Alfred in it when the time comes. One to buy second hand on Ebay but definitely not totally useless.

Baby washing bowls

This I do agree with. They used foil baking trays in the hospital which do the same job, as would a cereal bowl.

Manual breast pump

As the owner of the Ferrari of breast pumps, the Medela Freestyle double pump and the Medela Swing for emergencies I can’t express (sorry) how awful it would be to use a manual breast pump for anything other than occasional pumping.

Baby hammock

Never come across one of these before. Sounds comfortable though and if your baby sleeps in it then it serves a wholly beneficial purpose.

Fabric sling

Totally disagree. Alfred is stowed in his sling as I type…

Nappy stacker

Irrelevant, yes. Will appeal to those who put covers on their loo rolls though.

Bumbo seat

I was encouraged to get one of these but took it straight back as Hector looked so uncomfortable in it. They’re also incredibly ugly.

Cot mobile

I really can’t see what’s wrong with having a pretty mobile hanging over the cot? It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Swaddling blanket

I had one of these and could never get the flaps in the right place. It seemed easier to use a traditional muslin but if it helps your baby to sleep then great!

Nappy disposal bin

Jury is out on nappy bins but I’ve got two. I’m paranoid about my house smelling of dirty nappies. There’s something not altogether pleasant about the scented bags used in them though…



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