Thomasina Miers: How To Make An Easter Tree

Thomasina Mier's daughters
Thomasina Miers' daughters are wearing Boden's new collection
Thomasina Miers and her daughters are here to show you how to make a beautiful Easter tree at home

Thomasina Miers and her daughters, Tati, Ottie and Issy, have made a beautiful Easter tree and have very kindly shared some instructions so you can make your own.

Boden Easter tree
You should have everything you need at home

You can even make the decorations or hang chocolate eggs from the branches.

Good luck – we’d love to see some pictures of your trees!

How to make an Easter Tree

Go foraging in the garden or, on your daily exercise outing, find some scrub or woodland near you. Find a suitable branch that can lie on the Easter table or stand up in a pot.

Remember, the knobblier the better so that you can hang as many decorations as possible…!

Find some old paint samples or any paint you have lying around the house and paint the branch.

We like pastels for Easter but if you have gold and silver paint it would look amazing too. This is your Easter tree!

Clothes by Boden
Thomasina’s daughters are wearing Boden’s new collection

If painting indoors, don’t forget to line the table with old newspaper children!!!!

Pimp the colours as you like. This year we did some polka dots inspired by Boden’s dotty vibes.

Plant the painted branch in a pot or hang somewhere to dry overnight, or at least for a few hours.

Hang pretty Easter decorations on the branches. You can make some wonderful homemade ones with seeds, nuts and other bits and pieces found outside.  Even painted bottle-tops look great.  And it looks really good if you paint some eggs to put in the bottom of the pot, too.

You are now ready for Easter Day.  Just make sure your parents have remembered to tell the Easter bunny that you are at home for Easter this year…

You will need:

  • Paint brushes (ideally one each…)
  • A few foraged branches
  • Paint!!  Think about your colour scheme before you start…
  • Easter decorations collected over the years OR Old bottle tops, eggs, nuts etc to paint
  • Old newspapers (so as not to ruin the table…)
  • A plant pot with some earth in it (or soaked paper squished down)
  • Scissors/secateurs for snipping away extraneous branches
Thomasina Miers and her daughters are wearing Boden's new collection
Thomasina Miers and her daughters are wearing Boden’s new collection

Step 1. Go foraging in the garden to find a good branch. You’ll want one with lots of sections to hang decorations on.

Step 2. Cover your table and paint the branch. Pick any colours for your masterpiece – pastels, silver and gold, a whole rainbow…

Step 3. Plant the painted branch in the pot and add any final flourishes (we love polka dots). Leave to dry, ideally overnight.

Step 4. Hang your decorations on the branches. You can make your own by painting things like bottletops, nuts and seeds. Add painted eggs or stones around the bottom.

Step 5. Put your tree in pride of place for everyone to admire.

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