How to get pregnant in summer

Festivals and holidays are a great time to try for a baby, according to fertility expert Emma Cannon. Her London-based clinic records more pregnancies in July and August than in other months of the year.  “I’m not sure whether it’s just that we’re more fertile in summer, or the rise in vitamin D helps fertility or that people tend to have more sex,” she says. “Maybe it’s that we have more fun and let our hair down. Vets always say that for an animal to get pregnant it needs to be well fed ­– pregnancy is more likely on a weight gain than a weight loss – and calm and happy. The role our happiness plays in fertility cannot be overlooked.”

Emma suggests that those trying to conceive focus on “letting go” over the summer months. “Even if you’ve only been trying for a baby for a short time you can quickly get up tight about it,” she says. “You limit your sex life to a few chosen days and there’s not much joy or spontaneity. But the best things in life often happen when we let go.”

Here are Emma’s 10 tips for a fun and (hopefully) fertile summer

– Step outside your natural routine and rhythm… go to a festival or on holiday, whatever is joyful to you. In the Chinese cycle of the year summer is about engaging with humanity and being expansive.


– Do things with your partner that remind you of why you got together. Revisit the place you went on your first date or holiday. On the fertility journey you can end up on two different pages; celebrate where you are and where you’ve got to.


– Ditch the ovulation sticks. While they have their place – particularly if you have a long cycle – who wants to be peeing on them when you’re on holiday? Besides, it’s proven that couples who use ovulation sticks have less sex … and less sex means fewer pregnancies.


– Have sex for sex’s sake, ideally every other day from day nine but don’t be controlling about it. Sperm can live for up to five days, remember.


– Don’t worry too much about excessive washing – we are over sanitized these days. Pheromones are what we produce to attract another they enhance attraction and potentially arousal and attraction. The smell of a man’s armpits are said to really activate women’s libido. Be natural when you’re on holiday.


– Relax your eating rules but try to eat healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, seeds, oats cakes and hummus. 


– Consider taking Chlorella tablets which are high in protein and really good for the liver too.


– Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, allow yourself the odd drink but make sure you have eaten and don’t drink on an empty stomach or to excess.


 – Sesame seeds are excellent for reducing the effects of alcohol and  ‘Nourish blood’ from my new Cycles of Life organic tea range is amazing for anyone who gets hay fever or to give energy to dance the night away. 


– Wear a hat if it’s very sunny so you don’t get over heated and keep some aloe vera in your cool box ­– it provides relief for cuts, scratches or mild sunburn.

Fertility expert Emma Cannon encourages her clients to “let go” over the summer months








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