We Try The New MumHood Workout at Move Your Frame

MumHood at Move Your Frame
Looking slightly flushed post workout

I’ve been to quite a few mummy fit classes over the years… pilates, yoga, core, kettle bells. None of them have made my pulse race quite like a Move Your Frame aerobics class, though.

The baby and I went one of their new MumHood classes for the first time this week. Our nearest Frame is in Victoria (there are also venues in Shoreditch, King’s Cross and Queens Park) and with its pulsating music, neon walls and concrete floors it is quite unlike any of the gyms in Nappy Valley.

I worried that the baby wouldn’t settle with all this noise (his naps usually take place in pitch black silence) but it was fine. He stared at himself for a few minutes in the studio mirror, vain little beast that he is, and then passed out for the rest of the session.

I meanwhile, danced (I use the word loosely), punched, kicked, planked, squatted and lunged for 60 minutes straight. It was bloody hard work but also great to feel my heart pounding for a change (the disco beats helped a lot) and to do some weights and boxing as well as the usual pelvic floor and core work.

Frame founders Jo and Pip
Frame founders Jo and Pip

We glided out, promising to come back next week but within a few hours I was in an aching heap on the sofa popping Ibuprofen and downing water. The baby stared at me disapprovingly from his play mat.

The stiffness was bad, very bad, for the next couple of days, which showed me that I badly need to start doing some proper exercise again.

So I’m going to go back to Frame regularly now to get properly fit. I’ve taken it up for Lent.

MumHood at Move Your Frame offers classes for both pregnant and postnatal women.

“The right kind of exercises during pregnancy and as a new mum can also go a long way to reducing (or completely preventing) any pain that can result from the changes going on in your body as your baby grows inside you, and as it starts to knit itself back together post birth,” says Pip Black, who founded Move Your Frame with her friend Jo Murphy.

“There are MANY benefits of keeping healthy and active throughout pregnancy and as a mum, both physically and mentally.”

Frame founders Jo and Pip
Frame founders Jo and Pip

The MumHood programme is currently built around the three trimesters of pregnancy and includes yoga, pilates and barre classes for each stage, monthly pregnancy modifications workshops, two programmes for post-natal fitness and an eight-week fit mums programme.

A variety of Mumhood events and workshops are set to take place with guest speakers from the worlds of nutrition, hypnobirthing and baby sleep, alongside a collaboration with leading baby retailer Mamas & Papas on a line of athleisure for mums-to-be.

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