Walking best for new mums and windy babies

In the months following the birth of my daughter, I found that the best remedy to the exhaustion, insomnia, and inevitable low moments was to get out the house and go for a good long walk.

Soothed to sleep by the rocking of the buggy, my windy daughter seemed to benefit too, as did my dog (another story), and it felt like more natural, healthy way to restore fitness and lose baby weight than a depressing slog at the gym.

Some mums find movement helps soothe their colicky baby

According to new research by top infant colic brand Infacol, three out of four mothers would agree that walking with your baby is the best way to get back into exercise and fitness post-baby while reducing the strains that a newborn inevitably brings.

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Getting out and about can also benefit your baby, according to Expert Midwife Nikki Khan, especially during a stressful bout of colic. “Some mums find movement helps soothe their colicky baby so I would suggest going for a walk with your baby preferably in a carrier, rather than a pram, to help aid digestion.” she explains. “It’s about what works for you and your little one.”

With an astounding 90% of mums describing colic as one of their top concerns as a parent, and a further 50% saying it caused them to feel ‘very stressed’, Nikki Khan emphasises the importance of taking time for yourself: “Remember that colic doesn’t mean either mum or dad are doing anything wrong, and that colic will pass by the time the baby is six months old latest. And don’t forget to look after yourself properly as well – a happy mum will often mean a happy baby.”

Infacol, Britain’s Number One Infant Colic remedy, is licensed for the treatment of infant colic, wind and griping pain. It can be used from birth onwards and comes with a handy dropper, making it easy to give your baby. For the treatment of colic. Contains Simeticone. Always read the label.

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