We love: A sleeping bag with feet

While we’ve always appreciated the element of captivity offered by a sleeping bag… (until they’ve learnt to remove it, of course)… these muslin ones with feet are pretty cool.

You can also get your beloved into their bag and ready for bed nice and early but they will still have the freedom to play until you’re ready to put them down.

It’s a bit like running around wearing your duvet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 13.55.21

They’re just like normal sleep bags but with openings for feet… the child’s feet stay inside the bag when sleeping but when they wake up they can pop their feet through the openings and walk or crawl around.

These particular designs are made from soft 100% muslin and come in four patterns; Butterfly, Owl, Cars, Planes and Dots, in four sizes from 12 months – 4 years.

We just wish they made them for adults.

Priced from £20.99

The new muslin designs are available from www.slumbersac.co.uk

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