We love: Dotty Fish shoes

dotty fish shoes
We love Dotty Fish shoes

It’s Hector’s fourth birthday soon and what does he want? Some shoes, and more specifically, the same shoes as his baby brother: grey slippers with diggers on them.


Of course this is not going to happen. They’d look ridiculous on a four-year-old, surely?

It did remind me, however, just how great Horatio’s shoes are.

They’re by Dotty Fish and are made of the softest leather, which is so flexible that the baby’s foot can move freely. The sole is non-slip, so perfect for babies who are attempting to stand up or crawl.

They cost £7.99 which is an absolute bargain given how beautifully made they are.

They also have elasticated ankles, which mean that they have never fallen off (miracle!).

Because I’m a sucker, I’ve just spent the past 10 minutes browsing the website to see if they have any equivalents for older children and they DO!

As well as hats, slippers, legging, leg warmers and non slip socks.

So Hector, you might be getting some after all.

There are loads more designs on the Dotty Fish website.
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