We Love: The Conscious Party Box

Eco party bags
Eco party bags

What a great idea: party bag paraphernalia that won’t end up in landfill.

Meet Pip and Rachel, founders of The Conscious Party Box, plastic-free and fully compostable, recyclable or reusable party boxes and decorations. They also donate £1 with each party box or decoration kit to Ocean Generations UK.

What inspired the company?

Five children between us means five birthday parties a year and this is what inspired our business. The waste from traditional parties from straws and plates to party bag contents (which often don’t even make it home or are chucked within a day) is just horrendous. We believe you can host stylish themed events for children which don’t result in a lot of landfill waste.

What were you doing before?

Pip: I’m a web designer.

Rachel: I worked in fashion & lifestyle design for many years and run an interior design studio in Farnham, Surrey.

How easy was it to launch your own business?

After many an evening (and bottle of wine) plotting and planning world domination, our designs were finalised. Having a business partner and friend to talk things through with takes a lot of the pressure off.

What’s the feedback so far? 

Parents love that we are a one stop shop; their entire party can be delivered direct without any stress! They can store and reuse our decorations celebration after celebration.  The lunchboxes have also proven popular, I mean, what child doesn’t love a lunchbox?

We also give the option at checkout to double our donation to Plastic Oceans UK which the majority of our customers do.

What, in your experience, makes a great children’s party?

Pip: A relaxed host!

Rachel: Yes the key is in the planning.  If you have everything prepared ahead of time then the whole event will be stress free and fun. Keep things simple and purchase the things you need from as few places as possible to reduce admin and co-ordination.

And what about party bags?

Less is more with regards to party bag fillers – one or two quality items is so much better than a big bag of plastic tat.

How have you made your company sustainable?

All our items are recyclable, reusable or compostable as they are paper or leaf based.  We have chosen stickers which are on a compostable base and there are no plastics in any of our party bag fillers.  Where possible we have sourced our gift items from small Uk businesses.

What are your plans for the future?

We have SO many plans! More kids party themes, more celebrations like baby showers and engagement parties. New decorations. Parties for grown ups. More party bag fillers… honestly the possibilities are ENDLESS and we are super excited about that!

Advice to want to be mumpreneurs?

Pip: Go for it! You will never know if your idea has a future until you try. You don’t need to know everything before you get going – no one would ever start if that was the case.

Rachel: Run your concept past other people whose opinion you value.  Don’t be sensitive about criticism or negativity – use it to make positive steps forward with your business.



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