What Children Really Want Their Bedrooms To Look Like

My third boy wants a camper van bunk bed. He saw a picture of one in a magazine and hasn’t stopped going on about it. I’m not surprised – it looked cool in a gimmicky, will-soon-stop-even-noticing-it kind of way, and I’m even less surprised now a new survey suggests that the bed tops the list of children’s bedroom priorities.

The study, by Boomin, tracked children’s eye movements as they looked at various interiors images. Beds were the thing they looked at most, followed by bunk beds, desk chairs (?!), the floor, and toys. Interestingly, play houses came last in the list, beaten even by cushions.

So, this is what a child wants their bedroom to look like in order of priorities.

1 Bed

Children aren’t stupid. They realise that the bed is the linchpin of the bedroom, so it’s the first thing they focus on when they see a picture of a bedroom. If you’re not going to cave into requests for a camper van or bus-shaped bed, a headboard covered with a great fabric is a cheap way to make a statement.


2 Bunk Bed

What child doesn’t dream of having a bunk bed? From a parent’s perspective, they’re an A & E trip waiting to happen but they’re also space saving and can look amazing. How cool is this triple bunk bed by Salvesen Graham?

3 Desk Chair

My sons have a weird obsession with their desks. They each have one now but with any old chair. I might have to up my game, considering that desk chairs came third in the list of what children’s prioritise in their room!

4 Floor

This surprises me but then I guess children spend more time on the floor than we do. Given how much they care about it, you might perhaps think about investing in a softer, more luxurious carpet or an attractive rug or playmat …

5 Toys

Finally! I was expecting this to come number one but anyway. How do you get children to understand that their toys will look more aesthetic if they’re displayed in a tidy way?

6 Shelves

I guess these have made the list because they are likely to have toys on them. My eldest son recently asked for shelves to display his Lego Harry Potter stuff and we had a nightmare trying to get up a floating shelf arrangement. Here is the finished article. I don’t think it’s quite straight but he’s pleased.

children's bedroom shelving

shelves in kids bedroom

7 Tepee

I’m glad these have made the cut as I spent a lot of time choosing one from Great Little Trading Company. Apparently it’s important to give your child somewhere to have some me-time * rolls eyes*


8 Lighting

So it turns out children care about good lighting as much as we do. My eldest has a lava lamp by his bed which looked great until it stopped working. I’d recommend going for one from the original lava lamp company, Mathmos.


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9 Cushions

Another curve ball but then thinking about it, my sons treasure the cushions on their bed that they use to prop themselves up while reading. I wish I could give you details of the amazing artist/ fabric designer, Nina, who made my sons’ cushions using his own doodles but she’s not quite ready for a deluge of order yet (watch this space).

10 Play house

Last but not least. Our London bedrooms aren’t big enough for playhouses so it’s lucky that my boys have never asked for one. This one’s pretty cool, though. £59, Jojomamanbebe.co.uk

To find out more about this, and for the full research, visit: boomin.com/property-news/what-kids-really-want-from-a-home

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