What Type Of Home Schooler Are You?

We’re all teachers these days and we all have our own unique style. Some parents like to micromanage every aspect of their child’s learning, others would rather outsource to somebody else. And then there are the parents who see lockdown as a chance for their children to enjoy being free spirits…

Here MyTutor breaks down the different parenting styles that have emerged after 10 weeks of home-schooling:

The “School of Life” educator

You see lockdown as a chance to teach your kids life skills that aren’t on the curriculum – budgeting, DIY, cooking, cleaning and gardening are keeping your kids busy as well as setting them up for life.

At least this is what you tell yourself as you sit on the sofa watching them mop the floor.

The “Divide and Rule” duo

For families with more than one parent at home, teamwork makes the dream work.

You work in shifts, splitting up the weekly schedule to give each other the chance to keep working. There *might* have been some arguments about who gets which slot but on the whole you’re happy – at least no one is taking full responsibility.

The Wellbeing Wizard

With all the changes and challenges that COVID-19 has presented, you’re prioritsing calm at home and the emotional wellbeing of your family.

Your kids are doing yoga, gardening, art projects and long walks in nature. They won’t know what’s hit them when they return to the classroom.

The Hands-on Helper

You see it as your duty to give your child a better education that they would be having at school.  Sh*t at maths? No problem – you’ll study all night to get up to speed.

With your teacher hat firmly on, kids can expect a full weekly schedule of lessons covering every corner of the school curriculum. We salute you!

The Outsourcer

You don’t have the time, patience or stomach for remote schooling – so you’re outsourcing it to the professionals. You’ve signed up with a one-to-one online tutoring company, like MyTutor, and your children are being taught by top university graduates who probably inspire them more than you do.

The Community Caller 

It takes a village to raise a child, right? You’ve reached out to your extended family, school Whatsapp groups, friends and neighbours, anyone you can get your hands on, to rope them into home-schooling your kids online.

Why shouldn’t Uncle Bob help them with their maths when he’s an accountant in real life?

The Time-Maximiser 

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You’ve analysed your child’s timetable and worked out the bare minimum they need to do to keep up with their peers. With a few hours of focused learning every week on the core subjects, your kids can spend the rest of their time playing with their toys and having a fun time with you.



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