What you should pack in your hospital bag

Don't leave these essentials out of your hospital bag

After three children, Karen Snyder of myhospitalbag.co.uk is a pro at packing the infamous hospital bag!  Here are the essentials that you must not leave out:

Baby stuff

Baby Clothes – are adorable, and if you don’t know what you’re having, there is something lovely about white! I would bring two babygros, two vests, two hats and two pairs of scratch mittens
Nappies and nappy bags – a must!! If it’s your first just get stuck in, by the time you leave hospital you will wonder why you ever worried about how in heavens name you change a nappy!!
Cotton wool and wipes – it is good idea to initially use cotton wool (so bring loads of it!) soaked in water or if you run out then soak wipes in water, it is softer on the baba’s botty!

Mummy Essentials

Arnica tablets – are a must for during and post labour, as they are thought to reduce bruising and swelling much faster
Miniature toiletries in a wash bag –  no need to bring your favourite shampoos/deodorants/shower gels with you but having miniature ones, you feel like you have your home comforts around you
BIG knickers – because you just need comfort and ladies, not the disposable ones, we deserve nice comfy, cotton ones! I would recommend taking three pairs
Maternity pads – reality check ladies… not the thin ones, go for the thick, heavy duty ones and pack around 10
Breast pads – in case you are still in hospital when your milk comes in, you don’t want any embarrassing leakages while your in laws are visiting !
Phone charger – you don’t want your phone running out of battery before you send out the obligatory first photo on Facebook/Insta/Snapchat

A few nice extras

A water fan, a must for refreshing yourself when you just need it during labour and also for the hot and stuffy NHS post labour wards
Hairbands and lipsalve – you need your hair out of your face but bring two so you have a spare one post labour too!
Flip flops – I never felt comfortable walking barefoot on the wards and perfect for when showering!
Slipper socks – don’t you just hate having cold feet in bed?

– Karen Snyder runs myHospitalBag.co.uk – stylish pre-packed hospital bags for pregnant women, with over 35 essential items, it is cheaper and more convenient than buying all the items separately!

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