Whatever Your Do, Get Your Kids Outdoors!

muddy puddles rainwear
Time to get out, whatever the weather is doing
Now is the time to brave the elements, for your own sanity as well as your children's.

It was a wet, cold and bleak afternoon, perfect for watching a movie and and staying indoors.

But we’d been inside all day, fretting over the Covid-19 coverage in the Sunday papers, while the children watched too much tv. So we put on our wet weather stuff and headed to the common with our bikes.

I can’t say it was the best bike ride. One child nearly got lost, another fell in the mud and the little one cried about his cold hands the entire time. They wanted to go to the playground but I was too afraid of them picking up germs, so it was biking in the rain or nothing.

Despite the protests, the mood had lifted when we got home; the boys played with their toys without fighting (at least for the next half an hour or so) and I felt grateful for the fact we can, for the timing being, still get outside into the fresh air and breathe!

Getting outside is the best antidote to all the anxiety. It’s tempting to stay indoors, away from everyone else, but it just compounds the sense of fear I think.

Of course, if you’re self isolating or think you have the virus, you’re not meant to be outside, even for a walk, but for the rest of us, if you’re well, I say get out there for your own sanity as much as your children’s.

Just keep your distance from other people, which isn’t too difficult if you choose a big open space over a playground.

Ps: I was reminded yesterday, as it tipped with rain, how essential it is to have good wet weather gear for the kids.

We love these new wellies from the Muddy Puddles ‘save our oceans’ collection, which have grippy soles to stop little ones slipping in the mud and a reflective strip at the back, which is great for when they’re on their bikes.

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