Why babies get so much easier at 9 months

At nine months Charles is suddenly so much easier

On my way to a Taylor Swift concert in Hyde Park on Saturday evening (yes, it was amazing and yes, the average age of her fan base made me feel very old) I had a moment of realisation that everything has suddenly become so much easier.

Charles is nine months and whilst life has changed forever in the most brilliant way, a feeling of normality has now returned – or at least a new kind of normal is established.

Friends who have babies the same age seem to agree that nine months is a bit of a milestone.

Here are a few reasons why:

They eat the same food as we do

At nine months Charles, like most babies, is now eating pretty much everything, either mashed or chopped (no more food processing, hurrah!), which makes preparing his meals a million times easier.

Whilst I still do prepare some of his food in batches and store them in the freezer, a lot of his meals are now the same as his parents, which makes planning the week’s menu and making it so much quicker.

They’re hungry for food, not milk

In the early days of weaning I slightly dreaded the lunchtime solids – if I didn’t get the timing quite right on feeding him he’d be too hungry and would only want milk not solids, yet if I tried to feed him too early he wasn’t hungry enough for solids. Grrr.

This difficult balancing act is now, thankfully, over and Charles sits in his highchair at lunchtime mouth open ready for the spoon and finger food.

They sing in bed in the morning 

Charles goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up sometime between 630-7am.

There was a time when, on waking, he would immediately let us know he was awake with his particular, angry cry, which meant “Mummy I am awake, please come and get me NOW and give me some milk”.

These days when he wakes up he quite happily sings to himself “Hello world, baby Charles is awake now and I’m just going to sing here happily until one of my parents decides to come in and see me.” Life changing.

Charles doesn’t cry in the mornings – he sings!

There are fewer bottles to sterilise

As Charles is now down to two milk feeds a day and one of them in a beaker there is hardly any sterilising to do – hurrah!

They’re just more fun!

As Charles gets older and more interactive he is becoming so much more fun.

More fun on outings, at baby classes and when I’m meeting friends with other babies. I love watching Charles and his baby friends eye each other up, or skilfully pretend not to notice each other. I have a feeling things are just going to get more fun from now on – although I expect more complicated as he gets more mobile!

David Attenborough is right

The father of two described nine-month-old babies as “the most amazing creatures on the planet”, which they are.

“It’s the creature that really makes my jaw sag, that I find absolutely fascinating, so much that I can hardly stop looking at it,” he said. “The rate at which it grows. The rate at which it learns. The rate at which it acquires nerves. It is the most complex and the most extraordinary of all creatures. Nothing compares to it.”


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