Why breakfast is SO important

Scroll down for this delicious fruity eggy bread recipe from Organix.

Breakfast is often the only meal of the day that families are able to eat together before charging off to work/nursery/school and their usually very busy days.

But it’s not only a good opportunity to start the day as a family; research shows time and time again that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, boosting mental and physical performance and offering the perfect opportunity to fit in a wide range of healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein and energy – all needed for your little one’s growth and development.

Run on behalf of arable farmers who grow crops such as wheat, barley, oats and oilseed rape, Breakfast Week (24-30th January) aims to raise awareness of the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast while demonstrating the wealth of wonderful breakfast produce available around the UK.

To do our bit for breakfast, we asked Dr Frankie Phillips, Nutrition Advisor to Organix, to share some of her top breakfasting tips for parents, along with a great recipe for fruity eggy bread.

Top tips for establishing positive breakfast habits

* Try starting the day with a relaxed breakfast together. Try not to rush – getting up 15 minutes earlier will make breakfast a far more relaxed affair.

* Use breakfast as a chance to include some of your 5 a day. Try adding some chopped banana or dried fruit to cereal or porridge (dried apricots and raisins can boost iron content), or for older family members go for baked beans, mushrooms or tomatoes on a slice of toast. A small beaker of unsweetened fruit or vegetable juice (150 ml) diluted with water also counts.

* Dried breakfast cereal with milk is a quick and easy favourite for all. Go for unsweetened cereals. Babies need to drink around 500 – 600 ml of formula or breast milk by the time they are approaching their first birthday, so cereal is a great way of getting them to have the milk they need without using a bottle, and expressed breast milk can be used on cereal too. After one year, your little one can have whole cow’s milk on his cereal.

* Have a protein boost by trying scrambled egg or chopped up boiled egg (make sure the egg is cooked through) with a slice of toast, or if you’re in a hurry, toast, spread with cream cheese. Even quicker – stir some dried cereal and frozen berries, or a fruit puree, into whole-milk yogurt.

* Get the whole family into a porridge habit. It’s a slow release energy food, fills you up and keeps you going, so it’s a great way to start the day. Porridge can be made up with formula or breast milk for your baby. For extra flavour and texture try topping it with fruit puree or dried fruit.

* Mix up a breakfast smoothie using milk, with added fruit and a spoonful of peanut butter.

* If you are having breakfast on the go chop up some banana and mix in some dried breakfast cereal so that your little one can enjoy these as finger foods. Don’t forget to include a cup of milk to go with it.


Makes: 1 Portion
Preparation and cooking time: under 20 minutes
Suitable from: 12 months


• A splash of milk
• 1 egg
• 1 slice of wholemeal bread
• Fruit to top


1. Crack the egg into a bowl and whisk with a splash of milk.

2. Cut the bread into chunks, then soak in the egg mixture.

3. Fry the bread for a few minutes on each side and serve with a selection of fruits – in season ones tend to taste the best.

Serving suggestion

Top with fruits, we love berries and banana slices, or try with halved cherry tomatoes for a savoury option.

For more breakfast recipes, baby and toddler advice and to download your free copy of the Organix Little Book of Good Food please visit www.organix.com. You can share your breakfast ideas, recipes, experiences and photos with other parents at #BabiesBreakfastClub.


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