Why it’s time to take your kids to your local independent bookshop

In a downpour this week the children and I took sanctuary in Clapham Old Town’s amazing new independent bookshop.

Only afterwards did I realise how timely this was, given it is Independent Bookshop Week (18th – 25th June), when all young readers are encouraged to visit their local bookshop.

Independent Bookshop Week celebrates the role independent bookshops play in their community. Now I think about it, Clapham Books is the best thing to open this side of the common for decades.

It arrived quite suddenly last year and is so low key that the owners only recently got around to putting up a proper sign outside.

But it’s already made its mark on my family, introducing the boys to Pip and Posy, Topsy and Tim, Lost and Found and the Stickman… and me to Elena Ferrante and Barbara Kingsolver.

The week is nearly over but in the name of IBW, there’s still time to visit your local independent bookshop.

There’s something magical about browsing a curated selection of sparkling new books. There’ll be those you’ve read and forgotten about, and new books and authors you wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

It might get expensive – you will inevitably come away with a stack of new books, and pay more than you would have done on Amazon – but the experience itself, particularly for your children, will be priceless.

Three ripping reads books for 2 to 3 year olds

I Have an Orange Juicy Drink – Andrew Sanders

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 15.18.45

Perfect for juice obsessives like my children…with disarming neon orange illustrations.
If you attempt to steal Porker’s juice, you get squished… hard. But if you ask nicely, you are allowed to share and get a hug too! Sanders has tapped straight in to the toddler mindset.

Pip and Posy: The Scary Monster – Axel Scheffler

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 15.20.52
It starts like the beginning of a horror movie: Posy is bored so decides to do some baking… and she’s just putting her cake in the oven when a figure appears at the window. Hector makes me read this book to him over and over, whilst he hides behind the sofa!

Blown away – Rob Biddulph
Poor Penguin Blue gets blown away and ends up on a windy adventure across the ocean to the jungle. The catchy rhyme tells one story, and the illustrations provide a hilarious subplot. A classic.

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