Why potty training sucks

Potty training requires a high level of parental committment
Don't believe everything you read about potty training

Potty training sounds like such a good idea. What could be better? No more nappies to change, ever (or at least not from this particular child).

But three weeks in the novelty is really wearing off. For all concerned.

At first Hector thought the chocolate coins he received whenever he successfully used the potty were a real incentive (I know this is probably the WRONG way of doing it, bribery is bad etc but it worked so well to begin with…).

Nappies are so easy in comparison to our current situation!

Now he’s not so bothered about the chocolates and having once shouted with excitement when he needed the loo, he keeps quiet if he’s too busy playing with his toys to go to the potty. There have been a couple of accidents over the past few days.

And I’m finding the whole thing quite stressful/ annoying. The stress of having to remember to do the whole “do you need the loo?” thing every few minutes. The frustration when they say “no” and promptly wet themselves. The long car journeys that are now even longer due to added loo stops (is it OK to revert to nappies in the car? I think I might have to).

Nappies are so easy in comparison to our current situation!

A potty training expert told me that, rather chillingly, half of toddlers in South West London aren’t potty trained properly. After the first two weeks the toddlers get lazy and start weeing in their pants. Others get a fear of pooing – countless children are run on laxatives apparently. And it is all because we try to potty train them too early.

I don’t think it can be that with Hector. He’s nearly three. He kept telling me he needed the loo, he wanted to wear pants, he was up for it.

I’m just not sure either of us are quite so keen on the idea now.


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