Why the happiest Christmases aren’t pinterest perfect

There is nothing more precious than time, according to the Czech proverb but as Christmas gets closer, what mum doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the lack of time left to get everything done

You get knotted up with lists as they become double sided and let stress consume you as you try to create a pinterest perfect Christmas.

Perhaps you should try, in the words of Elsa, try to ‘Let it go…’

I’m serious. If it’s not too late, why not share your to do list with everyone and anyone who is sharing your Christmas day?

As a young mum I spent way too many Christmases trying very hard to control the whole darn show, holding on tightly to the reins for fear of not being in charge until one year I woke up and smelt the mistletoe.

I stopped doing everything and started merrily handing out the jobs; the husband got to fell and decorate the Christmas tree, the children got to wrap the presents, polish the glasses, fold the napkins and arrange the flowers for the festive table.

The extended family got their orders too, to bring with them the smelliest cheese, finest fruits, the snappiest crackers. I think you get the picture. Everyone had a part to play and everyone got to join in with the clearing up fun too!

Shut down your computer too, ignore social media, don’t answer your emails and give your presence and your present to your family.

Having ‘time’ nowadays is like gold dust to a busy family.

The magic of the Christmas holidays is having real time off as a family.

This year, try to get ‘tucky up’ as my sister calls it (a sort of British version of hygge) with those we love the most.

‘Tucky up’ means closing the curtains, getting cosy, lighting candles, drinking tea, hot chocolate… time to snuggle up on the sofa and read aloud your favourite chapter of a story book, play silly games, watch favourite films, return to the puzzle… eat a little too much, while trying to be your best self.

‘Tucky up’ can only really be properly enjoyed after a long winter walk so get those wellies on and go outside, nature has a wonderful way of revealing the best in us.

Shut down your computer too, ignore social media, don’t answer your emails and give your presence and your present to your family.

Talking about presents do you think your children are getting too many presents this Christmas?

The more they have the harder they find it to appreciate and enjoy.

Overwhelmed by the excess, your children may well end up enjoying the boxes, ribbons and wrapping paper more than the contents!

You could think about spreading the opening of presents over two or three days if there are lots of them, so your children can really appreciate, enjoy and play with them.

Or why not put some of the presents away to open at a low point in the year?

And if you’re still short of a present for a godchild, niece or nephew you could give an Oxfam gift, (they’re having a half price sale as I write): a goat, a child’s education or another amazing life changing gift http://www.oxfam.org.uk/shop/oxfam-unwrapped

Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Remember the best memories are made when things aren’t pinterest perfect!


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