Why we all need a Uniqlo life vest

The Uniqlo gilet
The Uniqlo gilet

I’ve never had much time for gilets. Maybe because my brother rudely refers to them as Fulham life vests.

It’s ok, I live in Clapham.

So I ignore my mother when she suggests I copy her and get a Uniqlo down gilet. “So light, warm and easy to wear,” she says, giving hers a loving stroke. “Perfect for this freezing weather.”

“Meh,” I reply.

Then my husband comes home and says he wants to get one. Bloody traitor.

It turns out my brother in law is also a massive fan of the Uniqlo gilet. “You take your coat off when you go in the house,” he explains, all wide eyed. “But the down gilet stays on, keeping you warm all the time.”

My brother in law in his Uniqlo gilet (just joking)
My brother in law in his Uniqlo gilet (just joking)

As I push the boys to nursery this morning there is frost on the ground. “It’s soooo cold, Mummy,” Alfie shivers from the depths of his Bugaboo foot muff, his little face red and chapped.

I find myself wondering if Canada Goose make kids jackets and then immediately writing off the idea. I’d be way too jealous.

And then it occurs to me… what the little monkeys need is a Uniqlo life vest. Another layer to put under their coats.

I go on the website. Yep, they make them for girls, boys and babies as well as adults. From just £14.90. (Apologies, you probably know this already).
Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.18.41
Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.17.00

If you don’t, stocks are now seriously low after my order, so hurry!

Did I buy myself one too? Well, no.

But if this cold weather continues, I’m not ruling it out.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 15.18.23


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