Why we love Beaba’s new changing bag

The Beaba Sydney II
The Beaba Sydney II

At Mumfidential we’re always on the look out for a good changing bag – something that doesn’t look too changingbagish, yet has space for all the many things you need when ferrying babies around, and is very easy to clean.  Mark our words, changing bags can get disgusting.

This Beaba one – we love Beaba for their amazing Babycook machine – is stylish and practical. No surprise really, given it is designed for French mamas.

The changing mat folds out from the front of the bag, which is genius. It stops that conundrum when the baby is lying undressed and nappyless on the changing mat while the bag (with clean nappies, wipes, cream etc etc) is on the floor. And also means you don’t, like us, always forget to bring a changing mat, and have to use your cardi or coat.

So basically the Beaba Sydney II is your mobile nappy changing station. It includes the removable changing mat (two sided, one cotton, one terry), two handles, a trolley/ stroller attachment, a parent pocket for phones and keys, and a removable Iso-bag for food and drinks plus an antibacterial dummy pouch.

It has a place for everything and is made of water resistant material, so when things leak, which they will, it’s just not going to be a disaster.

They’re available from Amazon for £64 and we’re also giving one away… so if you enter the competition below, you might just win one!

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