Why You Should Up Your Family’s Omega 3 This Autumn

September is a good time to up the Omega 3 and eat more vegetables, says nutritionist Mary van der Westhuizen

September is known to be one of the most stressful months of the year, as we send kids back to school and try to re-adjust to daily life.

Just because we’re no longer at school ourselves, it doesn’t mean we’re not affected by the big September return.

The month presents the perfect opportunity to reset our lifestyle habits which we might have relaxed, deservingly so, during the holidays.

This is the perfect time to take stock, re-focus and head into Autumn with renewed energy.

September can also be a time when immune systems are low and people need a bit of a boost.

We have asked Mary Van Der Westhuizen, leading nutritional therapist www.maryvdw.com  for her top 3 tips to help boost your immune system as you head back into the thick of it this September. We’ve also published a range of expert nutrition guides here

Give your child fruit & vegetables

When choosing fruits and veg think of a rainbow and get your child to do the same. A variety of colours will ensure a variety of nutrients to best arm your child’s immune system for action. If you’re struggling to get them to eat veg, then try blitzing them into pasta sauces or soups.

 Avoid refined carbohydrates

(including white pasta, white bread and sugars) and replace with wholegrains. Consumption of refined sugar can suppress the immune system. Sugar and refined carbs are also void of nutrients and negatively impact blood sugar levels (= increased potential for hyperactivity and mood swings) so replace with wholegrains (rye bread, quinoa, brown rice) which are rich in fibre to balance blood sugar levels and to fuel the body’s detoxification and digestive processes.

Don’t forget your Omega-3 essential fatty acids

These fats are vital for a healthy immune system. They are called essential because our bodies can’t make Omega-3s without the right foods, so it’s essential we get them from our daily diet. There are three types of Omega-3s: EPA, DHA and ALA. Out of these three types, EPA and DHA have the most powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties and can be found in oily fish (such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout and tuna) It can be tricky to get children to eat oily fish so if you struggle use a supplement and add to an evening meal.

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Omega 3 is an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that we need for our bodies to work properly.  EPA and DHA, found almost exclusively in fish and seafood, are the two most important and researched types of Omega 3. Considered very beneficial in promoting cardiovascular, brain, joint, nerve, visual, skin and immune health, it’s imperative our diets include Omega 3; and as we cannot produce it, we have to eat it or take it as a supplement.

Lion Heart liquid is the UK’s leading premium fish oil.  It has 3000mg of EPA & DHA per 5 ml spoonful.  To create the fish oil, we only use wild fish (never farmed) and catch them sustainably. We work closely with IFOS, an independent quality control body, to ensure our product is of the highest quality and we display our results online for everyone to see.  We hold a 5-star IFOS rating for freshness, strength and purity – there is no higher accolade to be given.  This means our product is free from heavy metals and nasty chemicals, such as plastic residues, and has no fishy aftertaste.

Super Hero fish oil is central to children’s cognitive performance and physical development. We parents must make sure our kids receive the optimal amount of Omega 3 they require for their young bodies, eyes, immune system and brains to develop. One drop of Super Hero contains 475mg of DHA which supports brain health and aids concentration. This is equivalent to eating an entire tin of sardines!

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