Will There Be Another World War Mummy?

A residential building damaged in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv
Lulu Luckock on how to talk to your children about war in Ukraine.

How do we talk to our children about the war in Ukraine?

“Will there be another world war Mummy?” is a question you may well have been asked and may well be asking yourself.

Do you know the answer? No. But you should aim to reply in a way that makes your child feel safe.

When your child asks a question, they will probably already have an answer formed in their mind. When you give them space to express themselves you show curiosity about what they already know giving them a safe space to ask you hard questions.

By actively listening to your child, you will be giving them the space to make sense of their feelings and concerns.

Start by asking them what they have heard, and what they know and what is worrying them. Explain how you will support them and keep them safe.

Always be honest and normalise all feelings,it’s normal to be scared, I’m scared too.

You won’t have all the answers, and that’s ok but you can listen and validate the feelings and concerns of your child.

Always keep your response simple and age appropriate.

As much as you can protect your children from watching or overhearing the news and keep a tight boundary around the conversations they are overhearing.

BBC Newsround is great at explaining facts using careful language without sugar coating. Always remind children that things are in the news because they are rare.

Focus on happy news and what you can do to help: this is a great lesson in life to help children problem solve in an emergency in the future.

Take positive steps using the tools you have:

Help your children to write a letter to their MP or donate money or possessions to relevant charities. 

Charities and Humanitarian Organisations to follow:

Voices of Children
Charitable organisation offering psychological therapy and support to overcome the effects of war

The British Red Cross Emergency Appeal

Sunflower of Peace
Working on the ground to help paramedics and doctors access supplies and medical first aid

United Help Ukraine

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